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inner view of Grapevine Texas Pain management and Medical Arrangement available at Pain Management center in Grapevine, TX
inner view of Grapevine Texas Pain management and Medical Arrangement available at Pain Management center in Grapevine, TX

Working with Grapevine Texas Residents to Defeat Pain

At Grapevine Texas Pain Relief Group, we clearly understand what it’s like to suffer from pain. Everyday tasks ranging from walking, running, to just standing still can produce unbearable agony.

Things that you once took for granted, like taking the dog for a walk, playing with your grandchildren, or just getting from point A to point B without assistance, can quickly fade into your distant memory when you are suffering from pain.

We Care About You

One of the biggest frustrations that pain sufferers have is going from doctor to doctor and not getting lasting relief. Doctors who do not specialize in pain management may minimize the excruciating pain that you are experiencing. Friends and family members may doubt that you are in as serious of pain as you claim and may even believe that you are a hypochondriac or that you are exaggerating your pain symptoms to get attention.

Our Grapevine Texas pain management professionals realize that it is likely that you have had negative experiences with healthcare providers in the past. For this reason, our number one goal is to show you why we are worthy of your trust and confidence.

In addition to being some of the leading experts in the field of pain management, the doctors and medical professionals who work with us are caring individuals. They are compassionate, and they are empathetic.

Based on our years of firsthand experience, we know that there exists a way to remove or at least minimize foot and ankle pain. We are focused on finding a solution for your podiatry needs. We are not interested in using pharmaceuticals to simply mask your pain as these remedies do not last long.

We warmly invite you to visit us today. A pain-free life is within your grasp. We can show you how to attain it.

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3.0 /5
12 Reviews

Apr 10, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Did not get my prescription, lost time at work, very disappointed
Physician Partners of America replied on Apr 24, 2018:
Rick, we will investigate what happened and follow up with you. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.
Apr 10, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.....I was sent to Grapevine office because Dr. Racz whom I usually see in Keller called in sick Monday , I don’t drive on highway so to start with my husband had to take off of work to get me there. I was referred to see the nurse practitioner “Lamantha Richardson”, during the visit she asked me if I wanted to increase my dilaudid by 1 extra a day, I told they had already cut me 2 a day, she said she did not understand why they cut my pills in the first place, so she added 1 more pill. I also take morphine sul, what she didn’t tell me was by increasing 1 dilaudid, she would be taking 1 of the morphine away!! I have been taking 3 morphine for over 5 years, it is long lasting and the only medication that gets me through the day, I had DNA test on metabolism and these two combined is what was recommended any dr./ practitioner KNOWS which is stronger so why would she cut the medication that helps for an extra med that is short lived. I am beyond frustrated, I was sent to the Grapevine office hours before my appt. at the Keller office, my husband missed 4 hours of unpaid work to get me there and what do I get, I get to go thru hell for the next month, I get to miss my granddaughters 5th birthday party, I get to lay in bed in pain while all that could is put on husband now. DONT YOU DARE SAY YOUR COMPANY IS THERE FOR ITS PATIENTS, THE ONLY THING YOU DID FOR ME WAS TO INCREASE MY PAIN AND STRESS!! YOU ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS! YOU ARE NOT ABOUT THE PATIENT! HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY AA MED IVE BEEN TAKING FOR 5 YEARS AT AN OFFICE I SHOULDNT EVEN OF BEEN AT!! Why is there no Dr. resolving this...too busy for the patient!! EVERYONE OF YOU DID WRONG BY ME!!! NOW I GET TO PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES!!
Physician Partners of America replied on Apr 10, 2018:
We will look into this right away, Mrs. Miller, and are sincerely sorry for the issue.
Feb 9, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America
Worst Dr Nocerini is the most uncaring Doctor I have ever met, he hides behind his staff- won't speak with you. Had no e density test with Dr Prasard he was wonderful. However he is part of their group!
Dec 17, 2017
Facebook Physician Partners of America
All the doctors and physicians take excellent care of you. They really listen to you and treat the pain. They don't make you feel like you are making it up and just trying to get meds from them. I have been seeing Dr. Norcerini for about two and a half years now and he has done 5 back injections for me and it makes me feel like a new person for about 6-9 months. He is very understanding and treats you with respect. I highly recommend this company and office in Grapevine.
Nov 1, 2017
Facebook Physician Partners of America
Dr. Norcerini helped me to understand how pain can be controlled effectively.
Physician Partners of America replied on Nov 1, 2017:
We are glad to hear Dr. Nocerini was able to help you, Raul. Thank you kindly for the good review! We are honored to be your partner in pain management.
Oct 27, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
They really make you feel like they care about you as a person not just another patient. They treat the root cause of the pain and don't make you feel you are shaking them down for drugs. They have changed my life and the things I am able to enjoy again.
Oct 25, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Normally no wait time. I feel confident in the care I’m receiving from Dr Crawford and Kim. They both answer all questions. You are able to see Dr Crawford or Kim with asking the receptionist to see the doctor for the next appointment. I like both of them so I see whoever is available for the time slot I am seeking. My only and largest complaint is the waiting room chairs. I am there to get help for pain and you have chairs from the mid evil time period. WOW! They hurt. Please replace them. At times I must stand than sit in chairs with hardly any cushion. The chairs are extremely uncomfortable.
Oct 3, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Would give zero stars if possible. My initial visit began in the employee break room because no patient rooms were available - as employees came in and out for their lunch and drinks - I was asked a series of personal questions, had my BP & temperature taken. Their office has no restroom, so you literally have to walk out of their suite and down the hall to a restroom in the building...all while carrying a cup of urine on the trip back. They use an out of network lab. That lab billed my insurance nearly $10k for a urine test and is now trying to collect from me since the insurance only allowed about $135. On my last visit, the physician never even came in to see me. The person who took his place (nurse???) had to excuse herself to the hallway to have a conversation with him about my treatment. I could hear every word they both said...why wouldn't he have just come in. It's a really shady place and I won't go back.
Physician Partners of America replied on Oct 31, 2017:
Hi, Connie. Thank you for taking the time to share your concern in depth. We are unable to find you in our system based on your screen name, but we'd love to connect you with senior management to discuss your experience. Kindly email and put Attention Marie H. in the subject line. Leave your name and a contact phone number in the email and I will personally have this resolved on the same day. We truly aim for 100% patient satisfaction every visit and value you as a patient.
Aug 14, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
I have been very pleased with my service up to this point. I would recommend Texas Pain Relief Group for someone dealing with pain.
Aug 10, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Knowledgeable staff and I'm looking forward to the future and to see what we can do together to resolve my issues. They are ahead of the times using DNA technology which was fascinating and I look forward to seeing what my results say.
Jun 6, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
You couldn't pay me enough to get seen by Dr ooyebola, worst pain mangent Dr ever. My visit consit of who I was dating nothing to do with my pain... See her at ur own risk.
May 26, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America
Zero stars for this place. They don't care for patients!!!!! So very disappointed, and questioning what is the mission of this physician!!!! I thought the goal was to take care of patients.......shame on you!!!

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