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The Fletcher Medical DNA Labs in Tampa, Florida plays a pivotal role in allowing your physician to provide you with the medical care. Your DNA plays a large role in determining how you experience pain, your susceptibility to particular pain inducing ailments or injuries, and the way that your body reacts to pain medication.

Pharmaceutical companies are working on making medication and treatments that are specifically designed to react to your DNA. And since pain management treatments are such an individual thing, a thorough understanding of your DNA makeup makes it easier for physicians to identify and to address the ailments that are causing you pain.

We Care About You

The Florida Pain Relief Group is focused on helping their patients live without chronic pain. Interventional pain management therapies focus on fixing the problem that is causing the pain as opposed to using pharmaceuticals to mask or to hide the pain.

The result is a treatment plan that is permanent. It does not rely on pharmaceuticals, and it allows you to live a happy, normal life.

We understand how living with pain can drastically affect your quality of life. Pain can slow you down, and it can take the things that you love and turn them into chores. Working with Medical DNA Labs in Tampa, Florida allow physicians to craft a variety of pain management procedures, including natural pain relief treatments.

Pain is a complicated thing, and the treatment of pain is also complicated. However, using a multidisciplined, multi-pronged approach allows us to focus on you and help you get back to living an active and pain free life.

We are happy to play our part in making your pain a thing of the past.

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