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The Physician Partners of America Pain Relief Group located in Merritt Island, Florida understands just how challenging life can be for patients dealing with chronic pain. For many patients, chronic pain has multiple causes, and each cause requires a specific treatment.

Treatment may involve a mixture of psychological help and physical therapy. Our goal has been and will always be to establish a good relationship between ourselves and our patients. A strong relationship is the basis for free and open communication, which is a key aspect of long-term pain management.

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We understand that treating chronic pain is not a one-size-fits-all thing. The treatment must be tailored to each patient. Effective pain management has two aspects to it. First, there is the addressing, or interrupting of, the processes that are causing pain. Second, there is the modulation of the pain response.

A pain management treatment program that has realistic goals can produce long-term positive effects. Our goal is to help our clients restore normal body function, minimize their disability, improve their quality of life, wean them away from the use of medication, and prevent a relapse into chronic symptoms.

By perfectly balancing psychological interventions with physical therapy as well as occupational therapy, we are able to create a program that has a higher level of effectiveness than other programs. We understand that our clients do not deal with their pain in a vacuum, nor will their recovery take place in a vacuum. For this reason, we include our patient’s family members in different aspects of the recovery process.

In most cases, our Merritt Island, Florida patients do not require hospitalization but are able to receive treatment on an outpatient basis.

Living a normal life after dealing with chronic pain is possible. We have seen countless success stories that have proven the truthfulness of this. Our pain relief group is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with you to make this goal a reality.

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