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Providing Pain Relief to Tampa, Florida Residents Via Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

At the Minimally Invasive Spine Group located in Tampa, Florida, we are committed to helping you live a pain-free life by using the latest in laser spine surgery technology. Laser spine surgery appeals to many individuals who have been battling with back pain, but who are concerned about the long recovery time and discomfort associated with traditional back surgery.

In many cases, after laser back surgery, a patient is able to leave the surgical center without pain and with only a small bandage on their back. Laser back surgery offers a quick, easy, and minimally invasive treatment option that is enticing to many back pain sufferers.

We Care About You

The science behind laser back surgery has been used by medical professionals for decades. During the procedure, a surgeon will make small incisions and will use endoscopic tools to get to the location that is causing the pain. Unlike traditional surgery, with laser spine surgery, muscles are not pulled away from the spine, blood loss is minimized, and damage to surrounding tissue is reduced.

The end result is that patients are able to get back to their daily life quicker. There is less pain, there is less discomfort, and there is less downtime after the surgery. In some instances, individuals are able to get up and walk and do some minor physical therapy the same day as their treatment.

At the Minimally Invasive Spine Group located in Tampa, Florida, our goal is to help our clients live a pain-free life. We do this by providing individualized care to everyone who walks through our door. We will never treat you as if you were one of many. Instead, we understand that the pain you are dealing with is uniquely yours, and so the treatment you receive should be unique to you and you alone.

Back pain can stop your life in its tracks. It can take the things that you love and turn them into agony. You don’t need to live like this anymore. Visit us today. Let us show you how a pain-free life through minimally invasive laser back surgery can be possible for you.

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