Hello West Palm Beach! New South Florida Surgery Center opening in Q1 2022

PPOA is excited to announce the future opening of Palm Beach Outpatient Surgery Center in West Palm Beach, FL. This new multispecialty center will treat chronic pain. In addition, we will offer services to orthopedic, spine, GI, and ophthalmology patients across the South Florida coast. With the addition of this new ambulatory surgery center in the first quarter of 2022, we are meeting goals for a multi-year expansion plan across Florida and the greater Southeast. 

West Palm Beach is a metropolitan area with over 110,000 residents, 18% over 65. As specialists for geriatric patients, it is vital for PPOA physicians that we reach these retired communities and provide them with the care they need to live fulfilling lives pain-free. In addition, our varying services can help older patients reduce the number of medications they take for pain and improve mobility for everything they want to do in life. 

At PPOA, we believe in treating the person, not the symptoms. Unfortunately, many younger and retired patients are often prescribed opioid painkillers for the conditions we treat. Unfortunately, prescriptions won’t fix the problems they’re experiencing but instead numb the symptoms with decreasing efficacy. Eventually, patients become reliant on these medications and can develop addictions over time if they do not receive alternative treatments to alleviate their pain. 

In 2019, 9.7 million Americans misused prescription opioids. That’s over 96% of total opioid misuse in America. The other 4%, consisting of illicit opioid abuse, are a small fraction of those addicted to these powerful substances. Unfortunately, many patients don’t realize that prescription painkillers can be just as addictive if not taken correctly under a physician’s supervision. PPOA is committed to fighting the opioid epidemic at its source — preventing chronic pain and giving patients an alternative to prescription painkillers. 

We believe that with the proper preventative care, anyone can live pain-free and medication-free. That is why we are so excited to expand our services into West Palm Beach and beyond. 

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