New North Florida Surgery Center Opening in Q1 2022

PPOA is excited to announce the future opening of Jacksonville Outpatient Surgery Center in Orange Park, FL. This new ambulatory surgery center will open its doors by the end of Q1 2022, helping hundreds of new patients with chronic pain, orthopedic, spine, GI, and ophthalmology issues. This building is part of a multi-year expansion plan across Florida and the greater Southeast. 

The new ambulatory surgery center will specialize in treating pain patients, treating conditions ranging from sports injuries to joint pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and more. By providing surgical options for patients in chronic pain, we aim to actively combat the opioid crisis that affects over 10 million Americans every year. 

Orange Park is in the greater Jacksonville area, one of the most populated areas of Florida. Yet, despite its population density, many patients struggle to find affordable chronic pain care due to a lack of reputable physicians and high prices that make many surgical and medical interventions inaccessible. This surgery center will also help residents in suburban areas of Jacksonville find pain services closer to home, minimizing travel time and increasing quality of care. 

Over 20% of the Orange Park population is over 65, a primary market for PPOA to serve. In addition, we see many retired patients struggling to lead the lifestyles they want due to chronic pain, spinal injuries, orthopedic and joint pain, or a dependence on medications. We are often the last resort for patients who are tired of half measures to treat their pain. When they come to PPOA, they can hope for a pain-free and medication-free future. 

PPOA focuses on long-term solutions, including surgical interventions and pain management plans that treat the whole person, not just their symptoms. Each of our patients deals with individual problems, from the woman unable to pick up her grandkids pain-free to a young professional unable to travel and enjoy life without GI issues. We take these disruptions to our patient’s quality of life seriously and offer them a second chance to experience life without pain. 

PPOA is hopeful and excited about the change we will make with this new Jacksonville Outpatient Surgery Center. By 2025, we hope to have new surgery centers like this one spanning North and Central Florida, providing affordable care to patients who need it most. To learn more about our expansion across Florida, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.