Robyn Suhlman

Robyn Suhlman

4730 N Habana Avenue, Suite 204 Tampa, FL 33614

Vice President of Payer Relations

Robyn Suhlman is responsible for building payer relationships, contract management and renewals, rate negotiation strategies, payment methodologies and legal contract elements.

She is a respected national speaker and a pioneer in the healthcare industry with over 25 years’ experience. Suhlman also has extensive experience working with federal and state government agencies, and has worked in many markets across the U.S. in the hospital and ambulatory healthcare industry.

She is well-versed in payer reimbursement methodologies and strategic business development to identify and obtain opportunities to increase revenue. She is also experienced in Healthcare Exchanges and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), with expertise in medical home pay for performance, value base and global contracting.

Prior to coming to Physician Partners of America, she served as director of Managed Care Contracting, for SurgCenter Development, and executive vice president of Contract Reimbursement University General Health System in Houston. Before that she was chief contract officer for Luxxus Health Systems, which later merged with UGHS.

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