John Jaufmann

501 North Reo St, Tampa, Fl 33609

VP of Strategy & Contracting

John Jaufmann serves as Vice President of Strategy & Contracting here at Physician Partners of America. With leadership experience in the healthcare industry, along with his compassion for people, he efficiently focuses on ensuring his tactical approach to swiftly and skillfully lead, design, and execute essential policies and agreements delivers targeted results. He fulfills a pivotal role by overseeing contract negotiations, evaluating patient needs, and identifying business models for new growth opportunities. As he develops and implements proposals and strategies that resonate with the target market, he is a key driver and contributor to progress our holistic vision for performance. His expertise also encompasses guiding all aspects of procurement process, constructing analytics, and coaching and managing projects to ensure adherence to our organization’s goals.

As a problem solver, John is primarily responsible for conducting, delegating, and reviewing market target research and assessing the areas that our organization should focus on for further development. He enthusiastically aims to provide options for patients as his primary goal is to help each individual achieve the highest level of care by aiding with the availability of health insurance plan options. He relays: “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to assist the PPOA organization to grow its footprint and assist more people relieve themselves of pain. The understanding that the work I do will directly impact the ability for us to treat more people by offering more health insurance plans gives me great satisfaction.”

Aside from his position here at PPOA, John previously held leadership positions as Chief Executive Officer for two Managed Service Organizations, as well as Executive roles in a few national Health Plans and Managed Care Organizations. Born and raised in New York, John studied at the State University of New York, Empire State College where he received his Business Administration and Economics Bachelors of Science Degree.

In addition to his leadership responsibilities, John is an active contributor to the Amyloid Research and Treatment Program at the Boston University Medical Center. Out of concern for others, he encourages people to become more aware of the life-threatening Amyloid Disease.

John is currently an active member of the Clearwater YMCA Advisor Council. He also is a member of American College of Health Care Executives, as well as Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Outside of work, John is an avid outdoor person that loves to kayak, fish, and shoot sporting clays.

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