Insurance is an important part of health care for all of our patients. We want to make sure that you don’t have any stress revolving around your insurance coverage and we have provided information below.

Physician Partners of America (PPOA) participates with most major insurance carriers.

We charge a deposit for each item being prescribed and you will receive an estimated amount of what you will personally be responsible for. If this deposit exceeds the true financial responsibility for braces or equipment, that overage will be either credited back to any open balances you have with us or refunded to you. You will still be responsible to pay any amounts not covered by the deposit including any insurance deductibles that are noted in the patient explanation of benefits.

Office Visit Authorization

Three to five days prior to your appointment, a representative from Physician Partners of America (PPOA) will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility, benefit type, co-pay amount, deductible and any requirements with respect to referrals.

Authorization for Diagnostic Testing Services

The Clinic Authorizations Department of Physician Partners of America (PPOA) will handle authorizations for all of the tests requested by physicians including tests like MRI, CT and EMG.

Insurance verification request

To verify that your insurance is accepted by our providers, please fill out the form and submit it to our verification team. You will be called back in the order in which your request was received.

Insurance Verification

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