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Electricity Can Be Deadly

Electricity Can Be Deadly: Know These First Aid Tips

Since electricity is so complex and several factors such as voltage, extent of time exposed, and your own body type play a part in how much damage can be done, a small amount of electricity can prove to be deadly.

The following tips can potentially help save a life – possibly your own.

The DO’s and DON’T’s

  • DO dial 911 if the person appears injured or is knocked unconscious.
  • DON’T touch the injured person while they are still in contact with the electrical current.
  • DON’T get near high-voltage wires until the power is turned off. Stand clear of the danger so you’re not electrocuted as well.
  • DON’T move a person with an electrical injury unless moving them away from danger.

While waiting for the ambulance:

  • Turn off the source of electricity if you can.
  • If the person is clear of the electricity and appears unconscious, doesn’t seem to be breathing or have a pulse, begin CPR to revive them.
  • Cover any burned areas with a sterile gauze bandage or cloth.
  • Wrap the injured person with a blanket to prevent chilling and to maintain body temperature.

Following these electrocution, first aid tips can be the difference between life and death for someone. Remember, it is necessary to stay calm and focused in a situation such as this. To find out more about how Physician Partners of America is here for you, read more about us or contact us today.


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