Cleaning Tips for Families with Asthma

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Cleaning Tips for Families with Asthma

When someone you love has asthma, you will do anything to avoid an attack. Medical treatment and healthy practices can help, but it is also important to keep a clean home environment.

Though regular cleaning practices are important, there are additional tips to help create a healthy home for people with asthma.

If asthma impact someone in your household, follow these tips to help keep your home clean and safe:

Get Rid of Mold Before It Starts

Mold is not good for anyone, but it and be especially dangerous for someone with asthma. So take steps to keep away mold, like throwing away old food right away.

Moisture can also produce mold, so do your best to keep it away. When you’re cooking, turn on the exhaust fan to get rid of moisture. The same goes for the bathroom when you use the shower or take a bath.

Clean out drip pans, make sure there are no leaks in your plumbing and mop up any moisture inside of your refrigerator.

Keep Dust Away

Dust can be a problem for someone with asthma, so regular dusting and vacuuming of all areas of the house is important. Ideally, tile or hardwood floor is preferred over carpet, but no matter what kind of flooring you have, keep it clean.

Use allergen and dust mite-proof box springs, mattresses and pillows to lessen the amount of dust while you and your family sleep.

Get the Right Tools and Ingredients

When you’re dealing with asthma, the right tools can help make cleaning much more effective to keep you and your family healthy.

For example, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters can help keep harmful particles out of the air, which is a huge help for anyone with asthma. You can get vacuums or humidifiers with HEPA filters to keep the air in your home clean.

Harsh chemicals can also be difficult for people with asthma, so pay close attention to the ingredients in your cleaning products and make sure they are safe. Your doctor can help you find the best options to kill the mold and germs without causing an asthma flare-up.

Beware of Insects

For some people with asthma, insect droppings can be a trigger. To stay safe, try to keep your home free of insects.

Keeping food covered and properly stored can help keep bugs out of the home. But if you do get bugs, take steps to get rid of them as swiftly as you can.

Don’t Forget Your Car

Keeping your home clean is important, but make sure you don’t forget about your car. It is a place where you are likely to spend a good deal of time and it can be full of allergens that cause suffering for anyone with asthma.

Take care to keep your car clean with the same sort of tools and techniques you use in your house. A clean home and car can help keep you and your family healthy.


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Moved by the desire to truly make a difference in peoples’ lives, Dr. Maria Del Rosario Gomez is a primary care physician with the Florida Primary Care Group.

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