PPOA Offers Continued Pain Care for Snowbirds

pain care for snowbirds

Outpatient treatment makes vacations more enjoyable for long-term pain patients –

Just because someone is living with long-term pain, it doesn’t mean they have to forego their winter vacation. Insured seasonal visitors to Florida and Texas can get continued pain management care without worry at Physician Partners of America. PPOA accepts out-of-state identification for patients suffering from chronic pain and helps them with tailored treatment plans.

PPOA specialists can make arrangements with the patient’s home-state pain physician to receive the patient’s medical records in advance of a visit. Its partner doctors can perform a variety of cutting-edge interventional treatments.

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All treatments are minimally invasive and performed outpatient, so most patients can walk out the same day and enjoy their vacation time. They include nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and trigger point injections. The company also offers neuromodulation and laser spine procedures.

Offering cutting-edge pain care for snowbirds

Based in Florida, a top tourism state, Physician Partners of America has a unique understanding of the so-called snowbird population — another name for long-term winter visitors. The Sunshine State welcomed 118.5 million visitors in 2017 and expects a 6 percent increase this year. Dallas-Fort Worth sees an annual 44 million visitors each year, including nearly 3 million from foreign countries.

PPOA clinics accept any commercially insured patient with a legitimate, commonly recognized form of identification. This includes a driver’s license or identification card issued in any state, in addition to military IDs and U.S. passports.

The company’s 14 pain relief clinics in Florida and nine in Dallas-Fort Worth also accept Medicare and Tricare.

“We don’t like the idea of pain patients miss out on the fun of snowbird life,” says Josh Helms, Chief Operating Officer of Physician Partners of America. “If we can improve their quality of life while they are away from home, we are happy to help.”

About PPOA:

Physician Partners of America (PPOA) is a national healthcare organization focused on strengthening the doctor-patient relationship, improving patient outcomes and leading the fight against the opioid crisis. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tampa, Fla., PPOA and its affiliates share a common vision of ensuring the wellbeing of patients through interventional and minimally invasive treatments, primary care, orthopedics and laser spine procedures. Its model allows its physician partners to focus on patient care in the face of increasingly complex administrative requirements. For more information about Physician Partners of America, visit www.physicianpartnersofamerica.com.