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If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your feet, there could be a variety of causes. Acute, or short-term, burning feet can be triggered by athlete’s foot, vitamin deficiency, kidney disease, or certain infectious diseases. The condition can range from mild to severe. However, chronic burning feet that lasts for months or years will likely be caused by:

  • Diabetic neuropathy – blood sugar imbalances due to diabetes can lead to damaged sensory nerves in the feet, triggering a hot, painful sensation
  • Peripheral vascular disease – due to clogged arteries and decreased blood flow to the extremities, the lower limbs may not get enough oxygen; this can trigger burning feet
  • Complex regional pain – nerve injury or neuropathy that follows surgery, a stroke, an illness, or a traumatic injury can cause nerve dysfunction and sensory issues in the feet

Symptoms can include:

  • Painfully hot sensation in the feet
  • Tingling or pins-and-needles sensation in the feet
  • Numbness in the feet

Foot pain or burning should be evaluated and diagnosed by an experienced podiatrist. Depending on the root cause of the issue, treatment methods will vary. Some at-home treatments such as ointments and cool compresses may be effective at mitigating symptoms.

Treatment for Burning Feet 

If you are suffering from burning feet due to diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, complex regional pain syndrome, or another condition, Physician Partners of America physicians can help. Our clinics offer customized care for a wide range of conditions, including burning feet. We know that when you’re experiencing problems with your feet, it may affect your ability to sleep, walk, and lead a healthy, mobile life. That’s why our podiatrists are committed to creating treatment plans that fit your unique needs. We can educate you about self-care guidelines, help you manage your pain, and provide you with treatment that can help prevent the condition from developing further.


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