Study Finds Patients with Fibromyalgia Consider Opioid Treatment First

Recommended Medications for Treatment

Patients less likely to follow recommended medications for treatment

A new study into how patients choose to treat their fibromyalgia within the first six months of diagnosis has brought to light some interesting conclusions.

The study by Optum was published in PAIN Practice. It included almost 100,000 patients newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, over a period from January 2008 to February 2012.

A look at the medication prescriptions for those people during that period revealed that almost 60% of the prescriptions were for short and long-acting opioids, which are not considered guideline-recommended medications for fibromyalgia.

Once a patient starts treating pain from fibromyalgia with opioids, it becomes a challenge to successfully transition them to away from an opioid to a guideline-recommended medication treatment plan.

Nonpharmacologic Treatment of Fibromyalgia is Key

Alternative pain management can be defined as a medical treatment, therapy, or intervention that exists outside the realm of conventional medical practices.

Here at the Physician Partners of America, we strive to avoid the use of prescription drugs when possible and rather focus on finding the best form of alternative pain management for the patient. We offer nearly two dozen drug-free treatment options to help you experience pain relief for chronic pain.

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