Dr. Rodolfo Gari Talks About The Effects of Anxiety And Stress On Our Bodies

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Interviewer: We’ve all been stressed out and felt anxious at some point in life, and many times, this kind of mental pain is often accompanied by physical pain. Anxiety and pain can be a never-ending cycle, but Dr. Rudi Gari from, well, Florida Pain Relief Group, a good person to talk to right now, and he’s here to tell us how you can help and how your group can help. And this is, obviously, everybody could relate to, even the word pain because we all have it from, you know, time to time. So tell us the difference between mental versus physical pain. Does one…I mean, do they go hand in hand?

Dr. Gari: Well, one of the things that we talk about is that if a patient has pain, the patient has pain. And so one of the problems in medicine is that, unless we find something physical, something objective, MRI, CAT scan, and so forth, just go, “Oh, you have pain there?” Sometimes we incorrectly label our patients in saying, “You have no reason to be in pain”. We take a different approach. If you tell us you have pain, we take you at your word. Because the fact of the matter is, it’s real, and we know it’s real. And there is actually, there’s quite an association with your cerebrum or your brain and your physical body. We think about something called tension headaches.

Interviewer: Sure.

Dr. Gari: Okay, so we know about that, right? Headache is pain. Pain in the head area. And so tension, what it does is, it increases your blood pressure. It constricts your blood vessels. That constriction causes at least an inflammation in your cerebral arteries and that leads to headaches. There’s tension-type headaches, there’s stress. We have what’s called fibromyalgia, we know that stress and mental anxiety exacerbates that, we know that people that have physical pain actually get much worsening of their pain through stress. It’s almost like a fight or flight reaction that we talk about.

Interviewer: So physical pain and mental pain are really interrelated?

Dr. Gari: They’re real.

Interviewer: It’s pretty much what you’re saying.

Dr. Gari: If you have pain, or whether it’s a mental pain, or organic pain if you’d like to call it, it’s real pain. Just think about, people talk about heartaches, for example. That’s real pain. You know, when you’ve lost a loved one, and your heart really does hurt. And maybe we can’t find it on an MRI or a CAT scan, but it’s painful. And we have to treat both of them. We have to treat both, and that’s one of the things that we do. We are a comprehensive…we can evaluate you as a person.

We’re gonna talk about…one of the things that we do is, we do several tests when you first come in and see us. Number one, we’re gonna check your genetic makeup and make sure the medication we give you are exactly the right medications for you. Whether it’s for anxiety or a pain or so forth. The next thing we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna evaluate your mental status. We wanna know, how has this pain associated your psychosocial issues? What are some of the things going on that actually…your family life, you know, those things really interact, and that stress and tension leads to this. So we have to treat the entire amount.

Interviewer: Absolutely. So a lot of times, people…and we have 30 seconds, so if you can cover this in that amount of time. A lot of times, people say, “It’s just in your head. It’s not really in your body.” So you’re saying that it is real.

Dr. Gari: What I’m saying, it’s both. It’s in your head, and it’s real. What’s in your head is real pain. You’re feeling it. And you’re feeling the effects, and that needs to be treated. And physicians need to take that seriously. And we do.

Interviewer: Okay. All right. And if you wanna have any of your aches and pains taken care of, Dr. Gari is the man to do it. You can visit their website, floridapainreliefgroup.com, to schedule your same-day appointment. Or you can give the good doctor a call at 844-KICK-PAIN. Easy enough. Which is what you do.

Dr. Gari: It’s what you do.

Interviewer: There we go. Thanks so much, Dr. Gari. We’ll be right back.



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