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Prescription Drug Alternatives, Naturally Treatment at PPOA

Find Lasting Relief for Chronic Pain with Alternative Pain Management

The most stressful thing about suffering from chronic pain is being prescribed medication after medication, masking the pain for the time being, but offering little long-term relief. At Physician Partners of America, we offer patients alternative pain management methods to help you experience safer and lasting relief.

What is Alternative Pain Management?

Alternative pain management can be defined as a medical treatment, therapy, or intervention that exists outside the realm of conventional medical practices. Some popular examples of alternative therapies and non-pharmacological treatments include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture

Here at the Physician Partners of America, we strive to avoid the use of prescription drugs when possible and rather focus on finding the best form of alternative pain management for the patient. We offer nearly two dozen drug-free treatment options to help you experience pain relief for chronic pain. Some of these include:

Which Conditions Can Be Treated with Alternative Pain Management Techniques?

Our physicians specialize in treating a wide variety of chronic pain problems using non-drug methods. Whether you suffer from chronic abdominal pain, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, lower back pain, or another painful ailment, we can help. The beauty of Texas Pain Relief is that our team of physicians views each patient as a unique individual. Our physicians take the time to listen to each patient as they describe their symptoms and how their pain is affecting their everyday life. Based on feedback from the patient, along with thorough discussion of the patient’s medical history, we are able to recommend a specific technique or combination of techniques designed to treat the patient’s unique and chronic pain.

With traditional drug therapy, the goal is often to merely mask your symptoms. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution. You may take a drug that helps to relieve the physical pain of arthritis, while not actually offering long-term remedy. In this case, the problem may actually be worsening beneath the surface. At our clinic, we seek to understand the root cause of your problem so that we can alleviate your pain permanently. Our doctors take their calling seriously to improve the quality of life of every patient they treat.

Learn More About Your Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Our staff is happy to answer your questions about our chronic pain relief treatment methods as well as the types of conditions we treat using natural therapies.


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