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PPOA has grown significantly since our founding in 2013. We began with a single office and only three employees, but have since grown to a strong 500+ employees and over 30 locations across Florida, Texas, and California. We have always had a strong presence in Florida. We’re planning to expand that presence even further by adding to our surgery centers along the east coast of Florida from now until 2023. 

PPOA is expanding our ambulatory surgery centers in Orange Park, West Palm Beach and several other cities across the coast. This expansion marks not only progress for our organization, but the expanse of pain solutions for patients in need. Florida was one of the earliest states affected by the opioid epidemic and continues to be at the forefront of fighting prescription drug abuse through legislation and preventative care measures. 

By adding services across Florida, we hope to help fight the increase in opioid overuse and overdoses. Since COVID-19, studies have found a 31% increase in non-prescribed fentanyl use, as well as significant increases in illicit drug usage. With patients not being able to see doctors as regularly, coupled with restrictive lifestyle options and increased isolation, many patients are turning to opioids to curb pain and lessen emotional stress. 

PPOA offers a long-lasting solution for patients who have been given no other options. Our advanced surgical and pain management plans can give patients a real opportunity to live healthy lives unrestricted by constant pain. We care not only about our patient’s pain but what makes their pain debilitating. Were they active parents before an accident made it hard to walk their kids to school? Were they an active runner who now can’t make it out of bed some mornings due to muscle and spine damage? These details are important to our patients, which makes them important to our staff. We want to know what makes your life meaningful, so we can fight harder to bring these moments back to you.

The expansion of our clinics can help the retired population in Florida find innovative solutions for leading an active lifestyle pain-free. Florida is one of the top places in the country for retirees to live, and many want solutions to chronic pain that can facilitate their ability to travel, fish, visit with grandkids, and enjoy their later years without physical burdens. We offer minimally invasive options for our patients to ensure quicker recovery times and reduced pain after surgery. This provides Floridians with the solutions they need for enjoying coastal living to the maximum. 

These expanded surgery centers, along with our established locations across Florida, Texas, and California will make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands. 

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