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Get relief from pain without the risks of powerful pain medicines

Tampa pain specialist Dr. Rodolfo Gari from Florida Pain Relief Group appeared on DayTime recently to talk about the risks associated with pain medicines.

Often the first line of defense against chronic pain is to seek relief in the form of powerful pain medications. However there are other pain management techniques and approaches that should be considered.

While some relief may be felt, there are significant side effects that should be considers. Those include the potential of addiction and lasting effects to your body’s internal organs.

Our Tampa pain specialists at our Tampa pain relief centers in East Tampa, North Tampa and Carrollwood are experienced in the treatment of chronic pain using many different procedures and techniques.

Watch the video here.


Rodolfo Gari, MD

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Rodolfo Gari, M.D., MBA, founded Physician Partners of America in 2013 after practicing medicine and seeking a healthcare system that benefits both patients and doctors. He practiced as both an anesthesiologist and pain management physician in Tampa before founding his own pain management practice, Tampa Pain Relief Center. In 1999, he built his own surgery center to practice interventional main management in a way that benefited both physicians and their patients. He went on to found Surgery Partners, Tampa Pain Relief Center and Anesthesiology Professional Services, a group of medical practices with multiple offices throughout Florida. After selling the business, Dr. Gari created Texas Pain Relief Group, the first affiliate of Physician partners of America. The company has grown from a single clinic to nearly 30, and from three employees to more than 500.

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