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PPOA is excited to announce the upcoming opening of a new pain management clinic in the heart of Ocala, Florida. This new clinic will treat all types of chronic pain conditions, from spinal and orthopedic injuries to GI and ophthalmology specialties. Ocala’s new PPOA clinic is part of a tremendous multi-year overall expansion plan for Central and North Florida. 

Chronic pain affects nearly 20% of adult Americans, with 7% of adults experiencing chronic pain that affects their ability to work or continue their lifestyle (considered “high impact” chronic pain). These numbers only go up with age, lower-income, and distance from urban areas, which means many chronic pain patients are going without treatment for their issues. 

Close to 20% of the Ocala population is over 65, and though it rests in the greater Orlando urban area, there are still many patients without access to chronic pain care. The opening of this clinic will impact hundreds, if not thousands of pain patients, and provide lasting changes in their quality of life. Left untreated, chronic pain often leads to: 

  • Muscular tension
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Limited mobility
  • Depression, anxiety, or irritability 
  • Dependence on main medication, which can lead to addiction

One of the most serious side effects of untreated chronic pain is dependence on pain medication. Though we are making strides, America is still in the midst of a dangerous opioid epidemic. Individuals who become addicted to prescription opioids often get their first dosage prescribed by a doctor. With the volume of patients that most physicians see, it can be difficult for them to manage proper pain medication usage and ensure patients are using these drugs responsibly. Over time, if a patient is not careful with their pain medication, a needed supplement can become a vicious addiction that can take years to break. 

PPOA is serious about fighting this epidemic through long-term care. Many of our patients come to us after they’ve been given their last options at other clinics. With nothing else but medications that don’t work or that cause debilitating effects, they come to us searching for hope. We strive to give every single patient that hopes through advanced surgical procedures and personalized pain management that addresses not only their symptoms but their goals and lifestyle aspirations overall. 

The new Ocala clinic will provide all of the same surgical and pain management treatments as our core offices. Our smaller facilities and exceptional staffing help to create better patient care, which is precisely what the new office will offer to residents throughout Central Florida.

If you are interested in open positions at this new office, contact PPOA here, or check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more PPOA news!


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