Five Common Pain Myths you Shouldn’t Believe

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Pain is one of the few universal experiences among human beings. No two people lead the same life, but we all experience pain in one form or another. And unfortunately, we often believe the same myths about the pain that hinder our growth and healing. 

These common myths about pain often slow our patients from seeking treatment or expressing their struggles. Feel free to discard these limiting beliefs about chronic pain and replace them with beliefs that can help serve you to find a solution: 

Poor posture is the cause of your back pain

When someone experiences back pain, they often assume it is because they slouch at their desk or have developed “tech neck” from looking at their phone too often. While posture can play a part in back pain, especially job-related, it is not the only answer to why you’re constantly aching. There are a variety of medical conditions that can cause pain throughout the back, with poor posture and muscle fatigue being just one of them. If you are experiencing back pain, talk to a doctor to diagnose before assuming the cause. 

Rest is the best cure for my pain

Many patients with arthritis, back pain, or other chronic issues believe that the pain will subside if they rest long enough. They may take a day or two off (or several weeks if the pain is severe enough) and believe that their pain will be gone when they get back to work. Then, they’re surprised and disheartened when the first activity they do after bed rest results in more pain. 

While rest is critical after surgery or an injury, it won’t make chronic pain disappear. Exercise and stretching are often recommended remedies for chronic conditions, mainly when used with other treatments. Ask your doctor what’s suitable for your body, and don’t assume that bed rest will be your cure-all. 

Medication/surgery/physical therapy is my only option

Those suffering from chronic conditions often read online that surgery or heavy medication use is their only option to make the pain go away. This is not only untrue but limits people’s search when looking for a specialist to treat their pain. At PPOA, we take a holistic approach, incorporating medications, surgeries, physical therapy, medical interventions, and self-care routines when needed. We also go over our treatment options to give you as much control as possible over your pain management. 

The same chronic condition causes the same type of pain for everyone 

Many chronic pain sufferers feel guilty because they don’t “handle” their pain like other patients. They see someone going in for a similar procedure and feel guilty for not being as stoic or as cheerful as they are. But, the truth is that everyone’s pain tolerance and experience are entirely different. Some people experience pain differently or more sensitively or have been suffering from the same condition for much longer. You should never feel the need to compare yourself to others with the same situation or people without chronic pain because no one is going through the same thing as you are. 

Pain is unavoidable as you age

Indeed, we will all experience pain throughout life, both physical and emotional. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to accept your chronic pain condition and not seek treatment. Chronic pain from work or activity-related stress can be treated, even if it has been going on for a long time. And, just because you’re reaching retirement age doesn’t mean you have to slow down your lifestyle. 

At PPOA, we treat everyone’s pain individually to give them the best care and most effective treatments for their unique experience. Contact your local clinic today if you want to learn more about chronic pain or are ready to seek answers. 


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