Abdominal Pain Relief

Women Suffering from Chronic Abdominal Pain

Are You Experiencing Chronic Abdominal Pain?

As we explained here, chronic pain in the abdomen (Abdominal Pain) and surrounding area may be the result of a multitude of triggers or causes. From more minor concerns like gas or indigestion to more serious concerns like a hernia or appendicitis, your discomfort can stem from a litany of sources.

Since the abdominal area contains so many vital organs, any number of medical concerns can arise in that region. So what do you do?

Before we get into the “what” let’s talk about the “why” with a brief selection of the causes for this disorder.

Chronic Abdominal Pain Causes

  • gas
  • indigestion
  • gallstones
  • pregnancy
  • appendicitis
  • kidney stones
  • an abdominal hernia
  • food poisoning
  • menstrual cramps

Of course, this is a partial list of the various causes of your abdominal pain. For a proper diagnosis, please contact our doctors at Florida Pain Relief Group today.

Relieving Chronic Abdominal Pain

Depending on your particular pain and cause, we offer a variety of treatments and therapies at our clinics.

  • Prescription strength pain relievers like acetaminophen. Note: Aspirin and ibuprofen are not recommended for stomach issues because they can further complicate the disorder due to how they are processed in the body.
  • IV (intravenous) therapy where pain relievers and necessary medications are dripped through an IV into your body. Medications can be regulated and dosages can be fine-tuned to your needs.

On the rare occasion that the situation is much more serious, emergency services may need to be provided from your local hospital ER. These situations include:

  • Appendix or gallbladder surgery.
  • Bowel obstruction surgery.
  • Ruptured or perforated organ surgery.

These surgeries are not performed by the pain relief specialists at Florida Pain Relief Group.

A Pain-Free Outcome

If the cause of the chronic abdominal pain can be treated in our clinics through our pain management processes, then the likelihood of discomfort relief is very good. While some pains go away after the first session, it is not too uncommon for the abdominal pain to return at some point, but our injection or IV therapies can be repeated to give you relief again if the situation calls for it.

Contact us today or schedule an appointment to get the chronic pain relief you need.