GI Surgery: Sun City Ambulatory Surgery Center


Sun City Ambulatory Surgery Center, a partnership with PPOA, is partnering with surgeons from across Hillsborough County to start treating gastrointestinal patients by the end of the year. This expansion of services will provide affordable, convenient healthcare options to Hillsborough County, currently an underserved market. With over 60 million Americans suffering from digestive diseases nationwide, these services are guaranteed to make an immediate impact on the local community and patients throughout Florida. 

The Sun City Ambulatory Surgery Center was established in 2020 between PPOA and local physician partners to provide outstanding care to Southern Hillsborough County residents. This brand-new facility is tailored to our mission of providing affordable, convenient, and personalized care to patients with all types of pain. Currently, the clinic serves chronic pain, spinal, and orthopedic patients as well as other non-pain-related specialties. However, the addition of gastrointestinal surgical services can advance not only healthcare solutions but the reach of PPOA across Central Florida. 

Hillsborough County is a magnet for retirees, with more than 14% of the population being over 65. As part of Florida’s substantial geriatric market, gastrointestinal care is essential for holistic healthcare. Patients over 65 are at higher risk for gastrointestinal issues than other patients, with issues ranging from issues swallowing to celiac disease and esophageal issues. 

Currently, there are only a handful of established gastroenterologists in the Hillsborough County region. This limits not only the availability of care but gives many regional patients few options for traveling to their preferred clinic. By adding these services, we hope to help patients who have nowhere else to go for their gastrointestinal and pain issues. 

Since the opening of the Sun City Ambulatory Surgery Center in 2020, we’ve been able to serve hundreds of patients and change lives every step of the way. The Sun City facility has two ORs, which gives us the opportunity to provide a more personalized experience for patients and their families. Even by treating a handful of gastrointestinal patients, we aim to make a real impact in the Tampa area healthcare system and give those without other options the chance at a pain-free life. 

We treat not only the disease but try to understand the person and what makes their issues debilitating to their lifestyle. Gastrointestinal diseases can make simple things like eating a meal with family or going on a road trip difficult if not incredibly painful. We believe that food should never be something that causes more pain than joy in your life and provide cutting-edge solutions that bring you lasting relief. 

To learn more about the Sun City Ambulatory Surgery Center, visit their website here.