Why Employees and Employers Both Benefit from Random Drug Tests

Random Drug Tests

Gone are the days when drug testing was viewed as a punitive process. Today, it is considered to be a vital tool in the hiring process, to keep employee productivity, and identify opportunities for the overall success of the company.

The majority of employers require their employees to submit to a drug test prior and after being hired. In most cases, after being hired some employers find reasonable suspicion before requiring an employee to take a drug test. In spite of marijuana legalization in some state, employees might still be punished in case they will be tested positive. A failed drug test would include the following punishment: termination, rehabilitation, and losing employment benefits.

A pre-employment drug test is an effective way of separating those who are using drugs from those who are not. However, the best way to eliminate the use of drugs in the workplace is through a random drug testing. This test will discourage the use of drugs during employment. If you aim to have a drug-free workplace, then you should read on the benefits of random drug testing.

Ensure Employee Safety

Even if a person is completely sober, there are some jobs that are still dangerous to perform. The use of heavy equipment or driving a truck requires a worker to be alert. For instance, an employee who works at a deli counter should never use drugs while working on a hot stove or when handling sharp knives. Given this, A drug test that will be conducted before an employee starts working would make sure that he will not be under the influence, thus protecting himself and the other people in the company from potential harm.

Contribute to Employee Productivity

Undeniably, alcohol and drug use have been stigmatized- from those in the highest position down to the lowest; people would try their best to conceal their use, instead of seeking professional help. As a result, they are at risk for progression to a more serious addiction- even accidents or illnesses.

But with a random drug test employers will be alerted that is needed. When early intervention is done, any struggling employee would be able to improve in terms of productivity as well as their moral.

Rehabilitation (to retain valuable talent)

Some people develop addiction through time and a crucial juncture may occur at mid-life and mid-career. These people may have already built up some very good records at work. Their difficulty, on the other hand, may have started as illnesses progress or they experience life-changing events. In some cases, there are employees who are willing to encourage a colleague to seek help.

Motivate employees to change

There are many employees who would resort to the use of drugs when having troubles, whether in the personal or professional aspects of their lives. The consequences of such can be very negative and others may not even be able to acknowledge the problem. The good thing is, when an employer addresses the job performance and would seek assistance as part of the whole plan of addressing the problem. The likely result is to see a great turnaround from the motivation given by the employer.

Avoid potential problems

It is the company’s prerogative to screen potential employees in order to prevent problems that may arise as a result of persistent drug use. A drug use problem may escalate and a person who seems like a good employee can be unreliable when he gets hired. He may start to show up at work late or would not focus on the job. Paying for a random drug test upfront can benefit the company in the long run as there’s no need to hire people or to compensate the one that has been injured.

Creating a healthier workplace

Drug use comes with a number of health risks. But by investing on educating employees on the risk of drug use and by administering a random drug use, a healthier workplace is created. This will benefit the lives of the employees, both in and out of the workplace. By understanding the risk, they’d be able to value and live a healthier life.

It is very important for employers to always consider worst-case scenarios at work. Depending on the drug, the user, and other possible factors, casual use may lead to a drug problem. Therefore, it is important for an employer to take preventive measures. By implementing a drug-free workplace program, the employees both individually and as a whole would be able to decrease and avoid drug-related incidents and stay in a place that is conducive for work.