Managing Pain During Coronavirus


During this unsettling time where the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major global issue, fear and uncertainty can take over. For people who are already suffering from chronic pain, contracting the virus, or even seasonal allergies, can be the cause of more pain.

Many of PPOA’s patients have chronic pain in relation to their back and neck. Due to this, if the patient has a sore throat, excessive coughing- which is a symptom of the Coronavirus, may worsen their pain. This is because of the strain the coughing is putting on the back, making it contract more than usual. Although the virus has to run its course, reduction of the cough will help the patient find some relief. Along with a cough, the Coronavirus can bring its own aches and discomforts, adding to the patient’s already chronic pain.

For those who haven’t suffered from chronic back pain until contracting the virus, there is a possibility the amount of coughing has put strain on the patients back. Excessive coughing can cause conditions such as:

To help prevent these conditions or to not cause a flare up in previous conditions or chronic pain, follow these steps when coughing.

  • Keep a natural form in your back instead of hunching forward when coughing.
  • Keep shoulders down and away from your ears.
  • If available, put your hands down on a surface when you cough to help to prevent the back from compressing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus, please call your primary care doctor. If you are experiencing chronic pain, we can help you find relief. Contact us today.