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Best Time to Get Flu Shots

So, what is a Flu shot?

Flu shots (“vaccinations”) are injections to help cause antibodies to develop in the body that provides protection against infection from the seasonal flu and other influenza viruses.

When’s the best time to get flu shots?

The Flu season spans October to May, though most people are reported to be infected with the flu in late December to early March. Luckily, the flu vaccine is usually offered early on in September up through mid-November giving you the chance to get vaccinated before the flu season hits, increasing your chances of protection.

Does the flu shot give someone the flu?

No. The flu vaccination contains harmless, inactivated (see: “dead”) influenza viruses that cannot cause illness. It is designed to allow the body to recognize the virus and develop a defense against it. Additionally, the nasal spray form of the treatment does contains live, but weakened, virus samples that can cause a temporary infection in the cooler temperatures found in the nose. However, this is normal and does not give one the flu.

Who are the most at-risk?

The following groups of people should definitely get a flu shot each year because they are at a greater risk for getting the flu.

  • Children (special focus on 6 months – 5 years-old)
  • Pregnant women
  • Seniors 65+
  • Those with existing health conditions
  • Travelers and people living abroad

Flu Shots at Florida Primary Care Clinics

If you’re in the Tampa area and need your flu shot, or would like to know more, contact us today to speak with our medical specialists about the facts concerning the influenza virus and the immunizations we offer.


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