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Playing sports is a lot of fun. It keeps you physically active and healthy. It boosts your cardiovascular system, and it keeps you looking good. That being said, playing sports also brings with it the risk of injury. Injuries can happen while you’re actually playing a sport or while you are training to play. The following is a list of symptoms connected to acute or chronic pain resulting from sports injuries:

Pulled Muscles
Slipped Disc



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Regenerative Medicine for Sports Injuries

Did I Pull a Muscle?

You can pull a muscle by stretching or by engaging in vigorous activity that puts stress on your muscles.

Pulling or overstretching a muscle can produce severe pain. Sometimes this pain can be treated by simply putting an ice pack on the irritated area, taking a few days to rest, and allowing the pulled muscle to recover.

Could It Be Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is a gradual injury that affects your tendons. For example, if you use your calf muscles when you exercise, you may damage your Achilles tendon. Symptoms of tendonitis would include constant pain in your tendons that doesn’t go away after a few days or after using ice and heat to treat the area. If the pain does not subside, you need to speak to one of our Florida-based pain specialists for help.


A Slipped Disc?

This is another common injury where one vertebra slips over the other in the spinal column. This happens when you overextend yourself. Injuries of this sort are common in sports where you contort your body, such as gymnastics, or sports where you hurl objects, such as javelin throwing.

If your pain does not clear up on its own, then you may need a CAT scan to verify the seriousness of the damage and to help your physician create a plan of action.

You do not need to live with sports related pain one day more. Contact us today at the Florida Pain Relief Group. Let us show you how living a pain-free life is possible.



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