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Prasad Lakshminarasimhiah, MD

5575 Warren Parkway Frisco, TX 75034

Dr. Prasad understands that pain, especially when chronic, is something that no person should have to live with. His extensive experience with pain management allows him to offer patients the relief they deserve from suffering.

Dr. Prasad Lakshminarasimhiah (Dr. Prasad) is a board-certified physician in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation working with the Texas Pain Relief Group.

After receiving his medical degree from Bangalore University in India, his interest in the field of Pain Medicine was piqued while doing a clinical rotation in Comprehensive Pain Management at the Wayne State University in Detroit. He was able to witness first-hand the impact of modern technology, cutting-edge research, education, and a multi-disciplinary approach toward pain management.

Dr. Prasad is passionate about providing patients with a wide spectrum of customized treatment options.

He served in the United States Army, in the capacity of a major, at the San Antonio Military Medical Center in San Antonio. After receiving training in interventional pain medicine, his interest in this specialty was furthered while caring for injured soldiers. He has also provided care in physical medicine and rehabilitation at several locations throughout the country.

Dr. Prasad’s treatment philosophy is based on a holistic, evidence-based care approach. He favors conservative treatment along with physical rehabilitation, regenerative medicine and behavioral support when indicated. His experience and education allow him to provide each patient with tailored, thorough care and a highly effective course of treatment. In addition, he utilizes interventional techniques for patients whose pain does not respond to conservative treatment.

Dr. Prasad enjoys spending time with family and friends. His personal interests include playing tennis, travelling and exploring the nature. He also participates in community charitable health fairs for the underprivileged.

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4.7 /5
48 Reviews

Dec 29, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Love Dr Prasad and staff! Very professional and caring people
Nov 24, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. P has a great view of pain management and he has a great sense of humor to help alleviate your concerns. He is direct and extremely helpful in getting down to the issue of tha pain and helping take care of my pain in my neck due to degenerative Discs. I recommend his without reservation.
Oct 31, 2018
HealthGrades Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
The best pain management doctor in the DFW area. Great experience with this doctor and his office. Thank you Dr Prasad for caring about me and my pain.
Oct 30, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. Prasad is awesome! He listens and cares about your pain. He has a great staff that also cares. Thank you Dr. Prasad for caring for me and my husband both.
Oct 30, 2018
Vitals Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Thank you Dr Prasad for caring about my pain. Awesome staff in his office as well. Dr Prasad listens, is knowledgeable, and understands what his patients are going through.
Oct 15, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. Prasad was very educated and looked at my symptoms as a whole before deciding what he thought my conditions were. He was very stern about pain management, but if you really are honest with him and work together I believe he will be a good doctor for anyone. Very rare to see a doctor look at your conditions as a whole - rather than judging you for whatever reason.
Oct 2, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr. Prasad is an Excellent Dr! He is personal and gets to know his patients. He has done 4 procedures for me. The staff is amazing too! They will go the extra mile for you. My pain has always been a 10 and he does get to a 1-2. I highly recommend this Dr. and practice! He is the only Dr. I trust with my pain! I also have to say we were able to help me get through my wedding with on how to manage the pain and help me design a plan. Its not always about the meds. Just like time management its how well you do with pain management.
Sep 14, 2018
Vitals Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr Prasad truly cares. Great bed side manner and looks for the best way to help your pain. I would recommend Dr Prasad to anyone!
Sep 12, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Dr Prasad was so very nice to my husband, he gave him hope when their wasn't any, and he made him feel so much better after he left his office. He really has tremendous bedside manor, and that meant alot to me and my husband.
Aug 17, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Staff was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Prasad was excellent. He took time to truly learn about my pain and develop a plan while explaining the process along the way. I know I’m in good hands with Dr. Prasad and his team!
Apr 13, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Straight forward and to the point. Helpful Doctor.
Physician Partners of America (PPOA) replied on Apr 24, 2018:
Thank you for the great review! We value you as a patient.
Feb 28, 2018
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Unbelievable! Dr. Prasad has been great--staff too. I was pretty sure I needed to get cortisone shots for a bad shoulder. Thought that would be ortho guy giving me a shot. Dr. Prasad did a procedure in day hospital where he could see exactly where the needle should go with x-ray. Pain is gone! Much thanks to Dr. Prasad and his staff!
Feb 9, 2018
Vitals Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Got injured after a fall and was in severe sciatica pain.Felt humble that so much can happen without our control!.Our family doctor referred to Dr.P.He explained for the first time what was the problem, pinched nerve.MRI test confirmed it and got epidural inj with very good relief.He was very compassionate throughout. He then referred me to therapy and told us how imp it is to exercise regularly and lift and bend correctly during day to day work. Now I'm back at work. Thanks a lot Dr.P.
Sep 3, 2017
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
+ Experience - physician listens, compassionate, knowledgeable.
Aug 15, 2017
ZocDoc Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
It is always good and fair minder.
Jul 14, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I have been seeing Dr. Prasad for some time and think highly of him and his people. It's a lengthly drive for me but he and his people are worth it.
Jun 29, 2017
RateMDs Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Worst results. He was a no show for the 1st ESI injection. The 2nd ESI did nothing. He didn't see me on the follow up. His P.A. said we had to start over - 3 more ESIs. I told her & his staff that I was done with him - cancel everything immediately. His staff told me they would accept my insurance (Scott & White PPO). They did not. In fact, I was balance billed $11,500. His billing company, Physcian Partners of Amercia returned no calls in 5 months. Very unprofessional & deceptive & unresponsive.
May 30, 2017
Google Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I love the great treatment and caring of such a great pain management with Dr. Prasad as there's no other and Dr. Caruso where your not only treated well there concern of your well being is top priority. Blessed to have great care.
May 7, 2017
Vitals Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
Does a thorough examination. He got all necessary info before diagnosing. He explained my condition and treatment options in simle terms and clarified all my questions. I would trust this doctor.
Jun 8, 2016
Vitals Physician Partners of America (PPOA)
I would give Dr. Prasad zero stars if I could. He doesn't listen, gets me mixed up with other patients, all about the $$$ and how soon he can implant a stimulator without trying any alternative methods. All he talks about. Very curt in his speaking, bullying tactics are no way for a Dr to be.

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