Dr Michael Caruso - Pain Management Expert

Michael Caruso, Ed.D

1717 Precinct Line Road Hurst, TX 76054

A well-respected and beloved psychologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Michael Caruso works for the Texas Health & Counseling Group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With a specialty in the psychophysiology of pain, Dr. Caruso is a graduate of East Texas State University/Texas A&M commerce.

Dr. Caruso thrives despite his chronic pain, which uniquely qualifies him to offer a truly empathetic approach with his pain patients; he understands what they are going through more so than most. After initially being discouraged about dealing with his pain, Dr. Caruso reached a turning point in his personal pain management while attending one of his daughter’s soccer games. Focusing on soccer, his favorite sport, helped him realize that he could condition his mind to stop dwelling on the pain. He applies this same methodology when helping patients find their own ways to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Caruso has experience working not just with pain patients, but also with sexual abuse survivors, current and retired military (some with PTSD), and patients with bipolar disorders, fears and phobias.

He also enjoys playing soccer to this day, even though he still lives with enduring pain.

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