Dr.Brian Wiley MD, Pain Management Physician at Physician Partners of America

Brian Wiley, MD

407 W. Danieldale Rd Suite 100 Duncanville, TX 75137


Dr. Brian Wiley, seeing a need in the pain management field, had the desire to help patients with their pain. He is a pain management physician with the Texas Pain Relief Group.

Dr. Wiley placed education and training as the cornerstone and foundation of his ability to bring relief to patients. In doing so, he started his education at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. After graduating Cum Laude, he then went on to attend the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine, and completed his residency at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Being certified in family medicine and pain management, Dr. Wiley brings a varied perspective to his patients, as his background allows him to detect if their pain is a smaller part of a larger problem.

With the desire to help as many as possible, Dr. Wiley works include not only pain management, but also pain therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and weight loss therapy. His familiarity in these areas allows him to recommend a longer-term treatment solution that will help to address the source of the pain, besides just the run-of-the-mill pain prescription.

His gift for the field of medicine was recognized early on academically, when he was awarded the Challenge Fund Scholarship, as well as the J&N Carr Scholarship from Howard University College of Medicine for outstanding academic achievement.

In his free time, Dr. Wiley enjoys reading and watching films, specifically mysteries. He also loves traveling to Europe (Paris and Spain, if possible).

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