Dr. Daniel Shalev, MD, Clinical Teacher & Lecturer in Pain Management TX

Daniel Shalev, MD

4100 Fairway Court, Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75010

Daniel Shalev, M.D., is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician with more than 30 years of experience. He has founded and managed pain management practices, has been active in clinical teaching and lecturing, and his research has been published in scholarly journals. He primarily works in our Carrollton practice.

Born in Israel, Dr. Shalev earned his medical degree from Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University, and completed his internship and an anesthesiology residency at Meir General Hospital in Kfar Saba, Israel. After immigrating to the United States, he completed a second anesthesiology residency at Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center in Bronx, New York.

Dr. Shalev went on to do Critical Care training at Montefiore and a Pain Management Fellowship at the Pain Center at the Department of Anesthesiology, University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville. He spent nearly ten years teaching Pain Fellows in a variety of procedures in a private practice Pain Management Fellowship.

He has performed hundreds of spinal cord stimulators and peripheral stimulator trials and surgical implants since the 1980s, and was among the first physicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to perform spinal cord stimulator and pump implants .

To Dr. Shalev, pain management is one of the most challenging yet satisfying fields of medicine. “It is gratifying knowing a complicated pain issue has been helped,” he says. “Patients are most grateful.”

He and his wife have four grown children and four grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys many activities including mixed martial arts, tennis, scuba diving, travel, music and movies.

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4.4 /5
19 Reviews

May 18, 2018
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I've had severe pain for a long time and doctors always used to just give me pain meds and send me away. Dr. Shalev was the first doctor who actually listened to me and helped me. He told me I was being overprescribed pain pills and it wasn't helping me get any better (hence the problem in the US right now). He actually lowered my dosage and recommended some procedures and I feel much better! He did a very thorough exam and listened to everything I had to say. Great bedside manners! You just don't see doctors like this anymore- someone who actually cared. I will never go anywhere else!
May 18, 2018
HealthGrades Physician Partners of America
I don't usually leave reviews, but I have to say that Dr. Shalev was one of the most compassionate doctors I've seen in yrs with great bedside manners. I finally felt like I found a doctor that would ACTUALLY listen to me and acknowledge the pain I was having. He has yrs of experience and isn't one of of those doctors like I've had in the past that just shoved me out the door with a bunch of pain pills! If anyone says different, they just want pills! He's truly helped me-I'm a patient for life!!
Apr 19, 2018
HealthGrades Physician Partners of America
At the behest of my wife I was compelled to add to my previous review. The “Dr” I have difficulty the title for this man He completely disregarded the reason for my visit and his first, “I am Holyer than thou” was a question regarding why I took Singular prescribed by my PCP. He then proceeded to completely dismiss 3+ years of diagnoses from ER, GI and PCP doctors, proclaiming I did not have chronic pancreatitis, but only faking to get more pain meds. I guess months in the hospital make no diff
Jan 18, 2018
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Dr. Shalev demonstrates professional physician care at its best. He is very thorough in his examination and approach to patient assessment. I am pleased to have this physician with extensive experience on board helping me to be the best I can be!
Sep 28, 2017
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
Dr shalev performed smart liposuction on my back of thigh and side. He botched the second thigh by removing almost all the fat from one area. It was immeaditly noticeable upon recovery. During my surgery he didn't numb me properly and went outside the area causing severe pain and then asked me " does it really hurt or are you being loud?" Becouse when he would vacume outside the numb area I would be vocal about the pain severity. He literally got into an argument with the attending nurse while I was on the table becouse she insisted he had already used the lazer on my left leg and he said he hadnt. He stopped the surgery to go over and look at something and then returned to the procedure. They were having a heated argument, not something you want to hear face down during a medical surgery procedure! I am having to have fat graphs to fill in the huge 7" x 6" sunken in area on my outer thigh that even extends to the front where I was not having a procedure done at all. I would not allow him to try to do anything else to my body and I regret allowing him to the first place becouse of a discount.
Jul 15, 2016
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I have not had a procedure yet but the consultation was top notch; Dr Shalev was very thorough, spent a lot of time with me and it was a free consult! He is extremely detailed and explained everything you need to know. He did a quick ultrasound to assess my tissue and then made a recommendation.
Jan 26, 2016
UCompare Physician Partners of America
I had smart lipo of the Abs and Flanks 6 months ago. Loving my new shape.
Nov 30, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I struggle with chronic pain due to moderately severe Scoliosis. Dr. Shalev is a great diagnostician. I came in limping and following a thorough examination and evaluation which included some stretches, I walked out already feeling so much better. He pinpointed the area of aggravation. He informed me what he thought was wrong. I had an injection (small dose of Depo-Medrol) and other medications and within one week, I had no pain in that location. I had a second injection in the sacroiliac joint and I am now back to living my life with NO pain, NO Pain Meds and doing my Water Aerobics. As a Believer, I thank the LORD for blessing me with a physician that changed my life; Dr. Daniel Shalev
Oct 13, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I had my abs and flanks done. 3 months out and I am pleased with my shape. Dr Shalev is very attentive and concerned about your safety in providing the procedure. Excellent
May 28, 2015
Vitals Physician Partners of America
Dr. Shalev is an extraordinary doctor.
Jan 29, 2015
UCompare Physician Partners of America
family and friends can see a big difference. I am buying much smaller clothes this weekend. I am looking forward to having my flanks and middle back done in 2 weeks and am confident that I will be happy with my results. I completely trust and appreciate Dr. Shalev. He is a perfectionist with a great bed side manner. He is wonderful and I cannot thank Dr. Shalev and his staff en enough for my great care and awesome results. JJ
Jan 19, 2015
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
I love Dr. Shalev! I had my Vaser Lipo done 10 days ago and can already see a big difference in my lower and upper abs and stomach. Dr. Shalev is patient and explains the process in detail. He and his staff are so professional, caring and gentle. I am looking forward to doing my flanks in a few weeks! Many thanks to Dr. Shalev and his team! JJ
Jan 8, 2013
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
Dr. Shalev is a miracle worker. He is an artist with special instruments. I loved being his patient and his staff was supportive, truthful, knowledgeable and friendly. I cant wait to go back and do other parts of my body. He did a wonderful job and i am so happy with your results.
Sep 16, 2012
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I can not say enough good things about Dr. Shalev and his staff. Not only were my results better than what he or I believed were possible (and I am only 10 days post surgery), but the attention to detail and time he spends with his patients is second to none. I know this to not be the norm, as I have been working in the medical profession for 12 years, calling on several different specialist. It is rare to find (especially in today"s economic climate) good doctors that truly take the time to pre and post op that Dr. Shalev does. He has an incredible bed side manner and is an sculptor of women's body. Worth every penny!!!
Sep 12, 2012
Vitals Physician Partners of America
I had Laser Lipo of the inner knees. It was not cosmetic to me as my jeans and slacks were not fitting right due to the "fat bulge" on the knee. Dr. Shalev addressed the surgery, time involved, and proceedure. It was amazing and I am very pleased with the results!
Sep 4, 2012
Vitals Physician Partners of America
very professional and skilled...strongly recommend!
Aug 15, 2012
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
I had Laser Lipo of the inner knees. The results were fantastic! Dr. Shalev and his staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend Dr. Shalev!
Jul 17, 2012
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
Dr. Shalev, and his staff are the BEST!! I went from a size 18 to a size 10 in less than 90 days after my surgery. My procedure was on a Thursday and I was back at work on Monday! little or no down time, and the best outcome I could ever wish for! Thanks Dr.Shalev!!Kelly K.
Jul 13, 2012
RateMDs Physician Partners of America
dr shalev and his staff are great !!! dr. shalev did a great job. i can't express how pleased i am with the work that was done.i had my stomach and love handles done. the down time was a little longer that i thought it was going to be. i am 2 months post op and already see a big change in my figure. each week is better than the last. dr shalev and his staff are amazing !!

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