Getting to the Root of Your Pain

Physician Partners of America Pain Relief

We provide comprehensive and compassionate pain management.

Who are we? The Florida and Texas Pain Relief Groups are a team of experts that care about you and want to help you treat your pain. We have 6 different practice locations throughout Tampa Bay area and 14 locations in Dallas/ Fort Worth under the Physician Partners of America umbrella. We are an extensive network of professionals with experience treating a variety of conditions. Using our years of expertise and training, we can provide you with not only effective treatments but compassionate service. Our practice is dedicated to you because we understand how chronic pain can affect the quality of your life. Our team has specialized in pain management so that we can help you find relief.

What do we do? Our providers are committed to applying the most innovative pain management methods available to restore a better quality of life for patients with chronic pain. Our providers specialize in all areas of pain management and as a team, offer a wide-range of procedures that can treat even challenging pain cases. We make it our priority to treat the entire person and not just the pain. We create personalized treatment plans for each patient that integrates a variety of effective pain management techniques. Our plan options range from conservative pain management to minimally invasive procedures.

How do we do it? Florida Pain Relief Group is an affiliate of Physician Partners of America (PPOA). Simply put, your physician is able to focus on being just that: your physician. PPOA helps manage the non-medical tasks so that you and your doctor can focus on what is important: you! We want the patient to come first, because we believe that’s the way it really should be.

Our Story

We all have a story to share. And we are proud to share ours! The journey of where we come from tells us about who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

For Texas and Florida Pain Relief Group, our journey began with Dr. Rodolfo Gari MD MBA, an expert both in medicine and business. After treating patients for more than 25 years, Dr. Gari is all too familiar with the paper-pushing and data-crunching that prevented him from using his time to do what he loved most: caring for his patients. We all know there are too few hours in the day as it is, so he wondered: why do healthcare systems sidetrack doctors from using their time to do what they do best?

And so, Dr. Gari founded Physician Partners of America in 2013 to serve physicians who want to spend their time seeing patients and stop worrying about administration. Likewise, our Pain Relief Groups’ shared goal is to strengthen doctor-patient relationships, to provide a patient-centered experience that results in better patient outcomes. Today, we are readily transforming the patient experience in the Tampa Bay and Dallas area, and as for tomorrow, we hope to be revolutionizing the patient experience in new cities across great states of America!

Our Difference

Our Physicians Provide Compassionate Care for People in Pain.

Whatever type of chronic pain you may be experiencing, it has no doubt impacted your life. If you are living with pain, you understandably want relief and want it quickly. Even if you care for someone with chronic pain, you are searching for solutions to help with this debilitating problem. And regardless of what side of the situation you find yourself in, you know the longing for someone to listen, to empathize, and to sincerely care.

Here at Physician Partners of America, we do just that: listen, empathize, and care. Not only are our physicians are specialized in pain management, but they are special because they provide both compassion and respect. We know you are not your pain. And we see beyond the pain, to treat the person.

Our providers will partner with you to develop a treatment plan designed for your best outcome. We do not just use one approach, but incorporate many modalities to provide effective care. Each patient is different, and each treatment plan will be as well.

Our pain management experts are here for you every step of the way, providing proven therapies, in a clinic setting that combines comfort and advanced technology. We are here with the compassion and expertise you and your family has been searching for during this journey.

Interventional Pain Management

What is interventional pain management? An important part of your comprehensive treatment at Physician Partners of America includes interventional pain management. This is a specialized department of pain management that focuses on the pain pathway. Through procedures like injection therapies, the body’s response to pain is blocked or altered. For example, steroid injections can be directly implemented at the site of injury to reduce the inflammatory response that is causing the pain. In some cases, patients benefit further in finding that with the added relief, they are able to more fully participate in the physical therapy treatments that are helping to heal the injury itself. Through implementing plans that target pain at every level, we work with patients to find long-term relief, not just temporary solutions.

Since pain involves multiple systems in the body, any effective treatment plan should do the same. In simple terms, pain is a three part process: it has a source, a pathway, and a response. Your customized treatment plan may target fixing the problem area causing the pain, blocking the signals that lead to pain sensations, and/or finding ways to decrease the brain’s response to pain signals.

When should I seek interventional pain management? When pain is preventing you from completing your daily activities or preventing you from healthy living, you should consult an interventional pain management specialist. Where more conservative techniques may have failed, an interventional pain management specialist can discuss more targeted therapies that may prove to be a success. During an appointment, our specialists can discuss whether you would be a good candidate for this therapy after conducting a review of your medical history, a physical exam, and imaging and diagnostic tests.

Unlike with other pain management techniques, interventional pain management is exact and immediate. Physicians simply need to identify the source of the pain, and then procedures are administrated directly to the site of injury. Whereas pain medications are broken down and distributed throughout your entire system, interventional pain management provides localized and targeted relief. And whereas physical therapy may take time before the pain begins to subside, the effects of interventional management are felt immediately.

How does interventional pain management work with other pain management treatments? When thinking about treating the person and not just the pain, we understand that patients want options. Many individuals understandably want to avoid the negative side-effects and possible addictive qualities of pain medication. The interventional pain management specialists at Physician Partners of America are often able to help patients find relief without relying on medications. However, no two patients are alike, and some individuals do require a combination of therapies that include prescriptions to alleviate their pain. Additionally, interventional pain management can be a welcome relief for cases like fibromyalgia, where treatments targeted at healing the source of pain are not possible.

Worried because you’ve already had surgery? Well, don’t be. Physician Partners of America is built on teamwork. We have the word partners in our name for a reason. We understand the value of a multidisciplinary approach to pain, that’s why we have a multidisciplinary organization. Our interventional pain specialists can work with our in-house specialists ranging from surgeons to anesthesiologists to help you find relief as well as communicate with your primary care physician when needed.

Our interventional pain management specialists offer a wide-range of therapies to meet all levels of pain, including but not limited to:

  • Injection therapy
  • Radio frequency ablation
  • Spinal Cord Stimulations
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Trigger Point Injections

Alternative Pain Management

Many of our patients ask whether we discuss any alternative pain management treatments, especially those patients who hope to avoid the use of medications. Because our goal is to find the treatment that is right for you, we will work with you to find a way out of pain without medication unless it’s absolutely needed.

Some alternative management techniques are known as mind-body therapies because they use the power of your mind to affect how your body responds to pain. Techniques like meditation can help alleviate the discomfort of chronic pain by reducing stress and muscle tension.

The Secret to a Full and Normal Life

Life with pain is just the beginning of your road to recovery. You are still you, life just seems tougher and unpredictable. At Physician Partners of America, we listen to what you’re saying and how you’re feeling. And often patients express frustration with where they are at. But the secret is, you don’t have to stay there. We are here to help you find relief and get you on to the next chapter of your life.

Our goal is to find options for you, no matter what your past pain has been like. We find effective treatments with consideration of your specific needs. Caring for your whole person is an important piece of your pain management puzzle and your positive well-being is why we even exist as an organization; we are dedicated to providing unmatched healthcare with the patient as the priority. 

Alternative Therapy Examples

This therapy causes the body to release a massive amount of endorphins. In terms of pain, endorphins are the natural equivalent of morphine or codeine; all three work by activating the opiate receptors in the brain which reduces how much pain we feel. Unlike with morphine and codeine, however, when endorphins stimulate these receptors it does not lead to dependence or addiction. During a session, tiny, stainless steel needles are inserted in various places on your body which stimulates your muscles to release these powerful endorphins.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, a visit to the chiropractor may be something to discuss with your doctor at Physician Partners of America. Chiropractors help adjust the body to reach an ideal alignment, which is thought to help the body begin to heal itself. Massage is also a wonderful alternative therapy that can become an important part of your treatment plan. It can increase blood flow to aching muscles and reduce overall stress levels.

Yoga may be a good option to incorporate into your pain management routine. Yoga classes will help you stretch tight muscles that may be in pain. Building your overall strength and increasing flexibility can help safeguard your body against future injury as well.

Physical therapy will allow you to build muscle strength particularly at the site where you experience chronic pain. And this kind of therapy involves specific exercises that you can continue to do to stay healthy even after being discharged from your treatment plan.

We deliver impeccable service to every patient through our compassionate staff, industry leading techniques, and world class physicians.