The Rise of Fibromyalgia

You’ve Heard of Fibromyalgia, Right?

fibromyalgia relief in Tampa bayYou must have since you can’t turn on a television or listen to the radio without at least hearing about fibromyalgia relief once a day. It almost seems like it’s the new “it” disorder and the trendy thing to complain about as you do your day-to-day living. This particularly painful condition certainly wasn’t on the media’s radar years ago, so what changed?

Credit has to be given to those who’ve raised awareness of this disease over time. Contrary to what it make look like, fibromyalgia has been around a long time and counts millions of people as it’s sufferers – mostly women. As a matter of fact, the term fibrositis was coined in 1904 and changed to “fibromyalgia” in 1976. It’s no fad or morbid trend, it’s a real disorder with real symptoms and consequences.

So, what is fibromyalgia again?

We’ve gone over a lot of it here, but to recap: Fibromyalgia is a medical condition marked by widespread musculoskeletal pain and a host of other symptoms like:

  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Stiff muscles
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive and memory problems

It’s believed that the neurotransmitters in the brain amplify the pain signals in the body, even sometimes “remembering” pain that is no longer there.

How to overcome the pain.

Fibromyalgia isn’t curable. There exists nothing readily available on the market today to get rid of it, but the pain can be managed. Here at Florida Pain Relief Group in Tampa, we offer treatments and therapies to relieve the pain and help improve your quality of life moving forward.

Prescription strength pain relievers, IV therapies and antidepressants can go a long way in managing your widespread pain. In addition to these, we offer physical therapy where you can strengthen your muscles and joints, taking back control of your body.

Don’t let the notion that no cure yet exists get you down. People can live happy, healthy lives if their fibromyalgia is properly tended to and monitored. Contact us today if you’re ready to leave the pain behind.