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Headaches. Spine pain. Stomach pain. Elbow pain. Wrist pain. Back pain. Ankle pain. Have we listed your pain yet? If not, that’s just a small selection of the chronic pains and discomfort people suffer from and what our Tampa pain doctors at Florida Pain Relief Group treat.

Causes of Chronic Pain

pain doctors tampaCurious why your pain just won’t go away? Below is a list of chronic pain causes that may help explain why chronic pain isn’t like run-of-the-mill acute, everyday pain – and why it sticks around.

  • Poor posture. Over the years, slouching, stooping, slumping and hunching over take a toll on your spine, weakening it and causing potentially permanent damage to the vertebrae. Additionally, the muscles, ligaments and nerves up and down your spine are affected and can be strained and compressed causing damage and pain.
  • Improper lifting. Picking up heavy objects without bending your knees can injure your back. You’ve been told for years to “lift with your knees” and if you didn’t listen, you may have to pay the price.
  • Obesity. Extra, unhealthy weight puts undue strain on the spine, spinal muscles and on your knees. It also merits mentioning that obesity and being overweight is a trigger for many health concerns and diseases. A proper calorie-focused diet and regular exercise go a long way to keep your weight down and your body healthy.
  • Family History. Inherited abnormalities like curvature of the spine, in addition to predispositions to illness and disease can lead to any number of medical conditions.
  • Trauma. A traumatic event such as car wreck or sport accident can produce lasting pain.
  • Fashion. Wearing clothes that are far more fashion than function, and that provide little support and even less comfort like high heels can be causes of chronic foot and ankle pain.
  • Age. Over time, the body ages and parts begin to wear down. Degenerative diseases, like degenerative disc disease, can develop and cause serious pain and lead to further medical concerns.

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The list is comprised of possible causes for your chronic pain, and depending upon where the pain is, hopefully we’ve answered a question or two for you. To have all your pain relief questions and concerns addressed, don’t hesitate to contact the pain relief doctors in Tampa at Florida Pain Relief Group today. We’re #1 in pain management and have the treatment and care you need.

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