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Creative Reasons for Failing Drug Tests

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Drug testing is one of the most debated topics today- for professionals, athletes, job candidates and even for students. In the recent times, a massive amount of attention has been focused on mandatory drug testing of students, especially to those who want to participate in extracurricular activities. Although the right to privacy is a significant issue that has to be examined, it is important to take a pause and look into the reasons why a drug test exists first of all.

Not only drug and alcohol use, but addiction has become a tremendous problem across the world. The statistics has been continuously rising- affecting more lives than we could ever imagine. This is one of the important reasons why a drug test is administered. To identify those who are under drugs or alcohol and to at least offer them with some preventive measures. Although many people realize its importance and look at it in a positive way, there are still those who would rather contradict. Worse is, others would try to do some “trick” to pass or get away with it. For those who failed the test, the least that they can do is to come up with excuses- some are really creative why they failed the drug test.

Failing a Drug Test- The Creative Reasons Behind

  • I was partying all weekend- can I have a retest?
  • I was at the parlor and I didn’t know that the hairdresser was a cocaine addict. The cocaine from her hands must have been absorbed by my hair.
  • I got it from my dentist. He game me cocaine for my sore tooth.
  • It must have been the coffee that my wife gave me.
  • It must have come from the donuts I have this morning.
  • I bought a shampoo from China; it must have some opiate in it.
  • I had joint in pocket- it was really potent. It must have rubbed through the pocket to my leg, and my leg absorbed the pot.
  • It was a wrong decision to use another person’s urine.
  • I had an accident two years ago, and they gave me painkillers for my back, but I could not find the bottle anymore.
  • I took some elephant tranquilizers. I didn’t know they would show up.
  • Must have been in the wedding cake.
  • I was told I was going to be laid off for four months. It was their fault that they called me back in one week and tested me.
  • I was in a wheelchair and must have rolled over some marijuana and it got on my hands.
  • I smoked pot at a Christmas party last year. (It was October when the drug test was administered.)
  • I was at the dentist recently. They gave me pain meds. That’s why I tested positive for cocaine.
  • I used to smoke pot back in the day but I am really fat so I hear it stays in your system for a really long time.
  • I kissed a girl who had just used cocaine.
  • It was the cookies I ate at a party; I think it was medical marijuana.
  • I thought it only takes a week to get out of your system.
  • I have to light my wife’s joints for her because she uses medical marijuana and she is too sick to do it herself.
  • I take my friend’s pain meds when I have a migraine.
  • I thought we were going to do the drug test next week.
  • It’s not possible! I bought this stuff online that promised me to pass the test.
  • I got it in Canada. It is legal there.
  • My friends were all smoking in a small car; it was the second hand smoke.
  • Someone must have put something in my drink; I swear I would never use drugs.
  • I buy hemp oil and make salad dressing with it.
  • I enjoyed eating a bunch of poppy seed muffins.
  • I was partying and everyone was smoking pot around me.
  • I some health supplements from the health food store.

The following excuses may be really funny but there is no doubt that drug use is a serious issue. Those who are under its influence can be greatly affected professionally, mentally, physically, and socially. People who have tried a little of it may not realize it effects immediately, but when they get addicted to it, that’s the time when everything changes- in a very negative way. This is how a drug test can be of great help.

In order to put an end to the cycle of abuse, identification of drug use is a must and should be paired with the right strategies for intervention and treatment. As they would receive help, they would be able to live life with a more positive behavior that can help them be successful individuals and live their lives the best way possible.


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