Physician Partners of America is a rapidly expanding healthcare family. We are physicians, medical assistants, lab technicians, schedulers, medical coders, accountants, administrators, and so much more. Whatever your professional interests may be, we not only have a place for you within our organization but we have a future for you as well. As we grow, we invite you to grow with us. So whether you are looking for a position to excel in for the coming years or you are looking for a place to work hard and climb the proverbial corporate ladder, we have the opportunity for you.

As a growing company, we encourage prospective and current employees to embrace change. No matter if you stay within the same role or switch departments, all employee experiences will be marked by change. We seek employees that can not only adopt change but truly embrace the changes we make as a company. For us, change is progress. We make decisions for our policies and procedures based on data, research, and government advisories all focused on providing the best patient-care. Healthcare is a constantly changing field; technology, medicine, and laws are evolving more quickly than ever in our day and age. So as a company, we hold it in high priority to have a team able to adapt and thrive with change.

Additionally, we seek employees that uphold and exemplify our values. We are a healthcare organization, so we regard safety for our patients, our co-workers, and ourselves very highly. We are caretakers first and foremost so whether in the clinic or in administration, our employees conduct themselves with empathy. We care for each other by doing our work with integrity so that we can support one another as we care for our patients. And that means we do the right thing and do the thing right. Likewise, we value our team. As an integrated healthcare organization, we recognize the importance of every role within our organization and how it contributes to our mission for providing world-class healthcare.

We invite you to learn more about Physician Partners of America today. We are a diverse family of people with wide-ranging experiences and talents. Beyond just being employees, our family members are bird-watchers, fishermen, carpenters, parents, mechanics, artists, sports fanatics and writers. We are more than our jobs. We are people driven by passion for life and the shared mission to make our world better through better healthcare. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your gifts and talents to our mission.